Form for Travel – No Father on Birth Certificate

From Iliana from Miami, Florida, Miami-Dade County 

Hi, I need a form and some help. I want to take my son on a trip out of the country but they said I need a form. He is not on the birth certificate. Is there a form I can fill out or an example that I can get? Do I have to file it with the court? That seems crazy to me. Or is it just a paper I can get notarized? Thank you for your help.


In order to answer your question, I would need a little more information. First of all, was there ever Paternity established with the court? Were you married and then divorced? Do you know where the father is? If Paternity was established with the court then the Father had a DNA test and you probably have a parenting plan stating how out of country travel would be handled. Most people require that if one of the parents are to travel outside the county that both parents are in agreement. The form that you are referring to is a Parental Consent form which the father would sign stating that he gives permission for you to take the child out of the country without him. Take a look at the sample form on the AAA travel site that might fit your situation hereThe same scenario would apply if you were married and divorced. If you know where the Father is and can have him sign the form you will be good to go. If you do not know where the father is, or perhaps who the father is then him not being on the birth certificate is perfectly understandable. In that case, you would not be able to get his signature! If you do not have the ability to get his signature, you can attempt to state your special circumstances, but it is difficult to get them approved. Your best bet would be to get your sole custody established with the court. That way you will not need to get the Father’s permission.

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